What is a Responsive Website?

Understanding responsive, mobile-friendly websites.

Mobile friendly websites are a must, with the majority of internet searches on Google coming from mobile devices, Google even favours mobile friendly websites in search results. For your website to be mobile-friendly, it has to be responsive.

Published January 2020 | Updated September 2020

What is a responsive website?

Responsive means that each page on your website has a layout optimised for viewing on a mobile device, tablet device, and laptop/desktop device. Being that there are tens of thousands of combinations of screen sizes and resolutions out there, making a website perfect for each device is a daunting proposition, unless you know the secret.

The most efficient and effective way to create a mobile friendly, responsive website is to stick to the basics. Design each page on your website for three devices, desktop, tablet, mobile. 

To put it in another way, every page on your website will have three page layouts, however, they will be combined in one page and the appropriate layout will be delivered to the viewers device. Sparkle makes this very to do, Sparkle Themes make it even easier for you, because the design work for each device has already been done. 

Sparkle offers five device layouts, most of our Sparkle Themes templates are built for three optimum layouts. After years of building websites, we’ve found, that with Sparkle, three device options is generally all you need. Some of our one page websites may have page designed optimised for 5 device layouts, simply to give you choice. 

Responsive, mobile-friendly theme extras 

All of our theme extras are optimised for all 5 devices. We’ve made our theme extras for all device types in Sparkle because we don’t really know what device types you will use when you build your own website. When you copy a theme extra into your Sparkle website design, only the device types that you have chosen will appear, so it it won’t mess up your layout or make more work by adding extra device types to your design.

Image Resolutions

When you are building a mobile friendly website you have to optimise your images for each device, no point loading up a 5000 wide pixel image to a mobile on a slow connection right?  Some page builders force you to optimise each image on by one, a laborious task that can add days to a project. Hand coders have to do everything by hand - I’d rather watch grass grow for a living than do that.

Optimising an image for a modern website can include 5 different image sizes, or more, plus three or more different resolutions for each image. You could might have to make 15 different version of one image, and add the code for each one to make sure the right image loads on the right device. When you use Sparkle, image optimising is done for you behind the scenes, automatically.

The time alone Sparkle saves you can be literally days of work, and your images will be optimised to look great and load fast on any device. 

In Summary

  • A responsive website has multiple layouts for each page, each layout (in Sparkle it is referred to as a device type), is designed for optimum viewing for a better user experience. 
  • A non responsive website has only one layout per page but has been made redundant since rise in popularity of the smartphone. 
  • Modern websites must be build to take into account different device types.
  • Mobile use has taken over desktop use for most website viewing therefore a mobile friendly website is a must. 

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Need help adding a mobile layout to your Sparkle website?

If you need help migrating an Adobe Muse website to Sparkle, send us a message from our contact page. Only a simple message is required to get started. We quote price and time on a per project basis.

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