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Sparkle Themes make website themes, extras and freebies for Sparkle visual website builder (Sparkle). Sparkle Themes is not limited to supplying themes and extras for other software.

Themes, extras and freebies can be used for:

Themes and extras cannot be used for:

You must agree to the Sparkle Themes Terms at checkout to be able to purchase themes, extras and freebies. It is important to understand that copying reselling themes,  extras or freebies as your own is strictly forbidden. If you do not agree you cannot purchase. Sparkle Themes themes, extras or freebies. 

About themes

Themes are designed to be inspirational and/or provide relevant features for the industry or service represented in the template, within the capacity of Sparkle’s feature set.

The content in such templates is purely fictional and does not seek to represent any business or individual deliberately. Any such occurrence is coincidental.

The imagery and graphics included in the templates is for inspirational, demonstration or illustrative purposes only and is intended to be replaced with new content.

Images and graphics

Images included from other sources are governed by the licensing terms of the supplying entity. Sources may include but are not limited to: Unsplash, Pixabay, Shutterstock or other private individuals or companies.

Graphics included are either created by Sparkle Themes or sourced from online libraries. Licensing and acknowledgement or accreditation are between the creator and the libraries. The End User must comply with all licensing and copyright associated with third party images and graphics, and Sparkle Themes created images and graphics.


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