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Is Sparkle a worthy substitute for Wordpress? If you want a simple website fast, then yes.

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This website was built entirely in Sparkle. No code, no plugins, no complicated server issues, no backend. Easy.

November 2019 

If you are tired of complex developer issues, plugin incompatibilities and restrictive templates, try Sparkle

Is Sparkle a worthy substitute for Wordpress? If you want a simple website without lots of complexity, then yes it is.

Sparkle and Wordpress have fundamentally different approaches to building websites. Wordpress is a popular CMS blogging platform that has been transformed with website builder themes and plugins.

What does Sparkle visual website builder do?

Sparkle builds static websites, with incredible control, in a really simple way (Sparkle 3 now includes a built in blog!). You can build mobile friendly, responsive websites that look great on all device sizes with much less ‘backend’ work than Wordpress. In fact the ‘back end’ work with Sparkle is almost zero.

If you’re not tech savvy and don’t want to be reliant on a developer for a lot of customisation, then Sparkle Themes website templates and add ons are a great way to go. Sparkle is not a blogging platform but you can create a separate blog and add a link from your website to create a seamless integration.  

Stop Press! Sparkle 3 includes a built in blog!

With Sparkle, you build a website on your Mac, then press the Publish button. The first time you publish your website you will have to type in your domain and website details. Whenever you update your website you simply Publish again, it’s like creating a document and then pressing print. 

Depending on the size of your website and your Internet speed, publishing can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

What does Wordpress do?

Wordpress is a blogging application, that with the help of themes, page builders and plugins can now build modern websites. On its own, Wordpress is just a basic blogging platform, nothing else.

If you want to build modern websites with Wordpress you have to purchase a theme or page builder that overlaps Wordpress, and sometimes both. If you want additional features that don’t come with your theme or page builder you will have to install additional plugins. Any plugins you install must be compatible with your website theme or page builder, or both, and you will have to keep Wordpress, your chosen theme and/or page builder, and your plugins, up to date and in sync with each other to keep your website secure and working as expected. If you don’t want to do all this yourself you will have to employ a developer to do it all for you. This is commonly referred to as ‘backend’ work.

Because of the complexity of Wordpress combined with themes, page builders and additional plugins, you will have to custom configure your hosting account before you can even get started, which for just about all ‘non-tech’ people requires the ongoing services of a developer.

Why would you choose Sparkle over Wordpress?

  • You are comfortable with your Mac software and you want a simple way to build a website and publish it without a lot of fuss.
  • You want a simple website builder that does not require the constant services of a developer

What if I’m not a designer?

Try a template from our Sparkle Themes store that best matches your intention and simply replace the content with your own. By starting with a Sparkle Themes website template you can make a beautiful website really fast. 

What if I like a template but it doesn’t have all the the features I want?

Take a look at our Theme Extras and Freebies. We are regularly building new add ons to meet the needs of people just like you. Simply copy and paste add ons into your website Sparkle website. Here’s two options:

Is Sparkle good for SEO? I hear you need a blog and plug ins for good SEO

Sparkle has Google and social media features built in, you can find them under the Settings option and with the new SEO Assistant build right into Sparkle 3.

In a recent migration of a Wordpress website to Sparkle (that means we built a new website in Sparkle to replace an old one) that had good local SERP results, we lost no ranking in Google, in fact, website traffic actually increased. 

SEO is not just about some feature plugin, that’s a myth. Plugins are just tools. Good SEO is a combination of website planning, content optimisation, tagging pictures properly, and providing relevant content – that’s the very short version anyhow.

Need help moving a website from Wordpress to Sparkle?

If you need help migrating a Wordpress website to Sparkle, send us a message from our contact page. Only a simple message is required to get started. We quote price and time on a per project basis.

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