Sparkle is the ultimate website builder for print designers

You can design responsive websites just like you build documents for print. And publish them easier than creating a PDF. 

Is there a website builder that works like print software such as Adobe InDesign, Affinity Designer or QuarkXpress?

January 2020

Yes. That option is Sparkle, visual website builder for Mac. For all those print designers out there who would create websites if they could, Sparkle is your answer. 

Graphic designers who have stuck to the print side of things have probably felt a bit left out of the web site design game, or had to hire web developers at extra expense just to keep their clients.

Does Sparkle work like Adobe Indesign?

Sparkle looks more like pages than Adobe InDesign, it looks a lot like Pages actually, because it’s an app that is built specifically for Mac Os. It was devised as a replacement for iWeb however the developers have built something much more powerful. Adobe had their option for designers with Muse however Adobe failed gloriously on that front, but that’s another story.

How do you build websites with Sparkle?

The difference between a designing for print and designing for web is that in print you have one layout, websites have multiple device layouts per page page. So one page can equal up to 5 layouts, however due to Sparkle App’s clever approach to responsive design you will probably only need three; desktop, tablet and mobile.

When you get familiar with Sparkle you’ll find that you can get the app to create alternative device layouts for you. For example, you might build your website in desktop view, then arrange your mobile layout, and then turn on the tablet option. Sparkle will create the tablet device layout for each page on your website. You might only have to tweak each page layout as opposed to having to do every device layout manually.

What is Sparkle good for?

Let’s say you’ve designed a book cover and typeset all the pages, you’re a newbie or reluctant starter when it comes to building websites but then your client asks if you can build a website landing page to help promote the book. 

You’d launch your Sparkle app and get to designing the landing page, just as you would design the book. If you prefer to start with a template, find a Sparkle Themes website template that fits your requirements and customise it with your own content and get the job done really fast. 

Creator of Sparkle Themes

Need help  building a website?

The first time building a website can be daunting, We can teach you Sparkle and help you build your website. Send us a message from our contact page. Only a simple message is required to get started. We quote price and time on a per project basis.

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