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Should you build a mobile version of your website? Mobile friendly websites rank better in Google. So, yes, absolutely!

Responsive websites rank better in Google. More people use mobile to search the web than computers. Increase website traffic, make your website a mobile-friendly now.

October 2019 

Did you know nearly 80% of online viewing is now done on a mobile device?  A lot of people new to website building still only build a desktop version of their website, usually 960px wide. 

That means all the people looking at a 'desktop only website' from their mobile device will have to pinch and zoom to see your content. Guess what, nobody does that any more. Instead of pinching and zooming, they just go somewhere else.

In the trade, when people visit your website but leave immediately, its referred to as the bounce rate. 

A desktop only website will have a bounce rate of at least 80%, usually more. All that hard work put into building a desktop only website is, sorry to say, a waste of time. 

Remember when the iPhone first came out and good old Steve Jobs was so happy to show the world that you could see a real website on the phone screen - with a lot of, ahem, pinching and zooming? Probably not, and not many people do. Steve was looking at websites that were not built for smartphones because there were no websites built for smartphones. Because before the iPhone, there were no smartphones. 

But the iPhone changed everything and now everybody has at at least one and at least 80% of those people use their smartphone to browse the web almost all of the time. Smartphones are powerful, fast and convenient and that's why everybody is using them.

If your website does not have a mobile version (that's the 320px device option in Sparkle) you're giving your viewers a retro/vintage look at the Internet, as it looked around the late 90's. Like the websites Steve was pinching and zooming around way back then. 

Back then the internet wasn't that cool, websites sucked. I know because I was there, trying to make them look nice – it was very difficult. Nobody wants that experience anymore so don't give it to them. Give your viewers a mobile view, and while you're at it, a tablet view won't hurt either. Why? Because that's' what viewers want – people consume content on smartphones. Period.

Tips on building mobile friendly websites

Think of each device as a separate book: 

1) You have a big wide book - that's your desktop view

2) You have a slightly smaller upright book - that's your tablet view

3) You have a very very long business card, long side up - that's your mobile view

Each of these views, devices - whatever you prefer to call it, has a different viewing experience and you need to design for each one. 

Sparkle gives you a lot of power and creative control so take advantage of it and give your viewers a great browsing experience on desktop and mobile - and don't forget the tablet version.

But it takes so long to build a website!

Designing your website for multiple devices does take longer than building for one, it’s just the way it is. However the more effort you put into building websites for multiple devices the better you will get at it - you will find yourself building pages faster and faster.

But building responsive websites is complicated!

Understanding how responsive websites work can be very confusing. See the tips above to understand how responsive websites work. Once you understand that, things get a whole lot easier.

The Sparkle team have gone to great lengths to make building responsive, mobile-friendly websites really easy. I've used lot of website builders and believe, me Sparkle makes it a lot easier than most. Take advantage of Sparkle App’s simplicity and make your website mobile friendly now!

How to save time building your website

The easiest way to save time is to start with a template, browse  Sparkle Themes website templates now. Sparkle Themes website templates are built to make building websites even easier.

If you don't consider yourself a designer or you just can't create a modern visual experience the way you'd like, then Sparkle Themes templates are for you.

Every template has a desktop, tablet and mobile design. That means every Sparkle template is responsive straight out of the box. For you, that means much less work for you because all the 'heavy lifting' has been done - you just need to replace the content with your own.

Sparkle Themes' first release of templates focus on three devices; desktop wide, tablet and mobile. I made this decision because I found that three breakpoints is, in most cases, are all that you need. But I build Sparkle website templates also to make it really, really easy for people who have little to build a beautiful website of their own. Power to the people, power to you!

Creator of Sparkle Themes

Need help adding a mobile layout to your Sparkle website?

Responsive websites are important, we can help you make your website fully responsive and Google friendly. Only a simple message is required to get started. We quote price and time on a per project basis.

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