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Premium website themes, for a premium, user-friendly website builder.

Sparkle Themes are premium website templates for Sparkle, a visual website builder for macOS

Hi, I’m Chris, I’m the guy behind Sparkle Themes, website themes and theme extras for Sparkle. I built Sparkle Themes because I believe Sparkle visual website builder is an amazing app that empowers people of all skill levels to build websites for themselves or others. 

I’ve worked with many website builders, and still do. But working with Sparkle has been an absolute joy and has allowed me to focus on designs in the way I have always been looking for, without having to jump through techno hoops to achieve my visions.

My goal with Sparkle Themes is to provide templates that are easy to work with, that can be used as a starting point, or as is – simply replacing the template content with your own. 

Theme Extras are designed to provide components when you don’t want to purchase a template for just one part of it, or want a component to add to your own design. Think of an Extra as a block, stack or card – you can add it to your website simply by copying the Theme Extra to your Sparkle document and styling it to match your design.

Sparkle empowers people to own their own websites 

With a little bit of learning, the burden of subscriptions or developers can be relieved, but the support is there if you need it. 

Sparkle Themes templates are designed to be easy to use 

Our premise is: 

Our first release of Themes and Theme Extras

Our first release of themes and theme extras are designed for ease of use. We’re already in the process of building many more and plan to release new themes and extras regularly. If you have theme or theme extra suggestions you can submit your ideas via our suggestions page, the most popular suggestions will be given priority. 

New themes and extras will be released regularly

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